Peter Nielsen Art

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Curriculum Vitae

Exhibits and Events





Artwork Exhibition & Performance History


Melon Nights - Green River, UT                                Lighting Design                      September, 2013


Apogaea, Fucking Unicorns camp- CO                      Lighting Design                      June, 2013                                                      

Cirque du Soliel                                                          Stage design & lighting,

performer private party -  SLC, UT                            Live Body Painting                 November, 2012


Sketch Cabaret  - SLC, UT                                         Live Bodypainting                  October, 2012


Audio Circus, V2 - SLC, UT                                     Bodypainting, Installation

                                                                                    & Lighting                               September, 2012


Desert Rocks  - Green River, UT                                Installation art, Lighting &     

                                                                                    Bodypainting                           June, 2012


Building Man  - Green River, UT                               Live Mural Painting                May, 2012


Sew Tight photo shoot -SLC, UT                               Bodypainting                           April, 2012


Hoopenanny! -SLC, UT                                             Lighting                                   April, 2012


CHAMPS Flame Off, 1st Place

collab. w/Kristian Merwin -Las Vegas, NV                Bodypainting, Lighting           February, 2012


Voodoo Prod., Cirque L'Amour -SLC, UT                 Bodypainting, Lighting           February, 2012


Friday 13th Freezout - SLC, UT                                   Bodypainting, Lighting           January, 2012


M.A.P.S. Conference

Medicine Ball - Oakland, CA                                       Exhibition, Bodypainting        December, 2011


Fantasy & Fetish Halloween Ball,

South Point Casino - Las Vegas, NV                           Bodypainting, Lighting           October, 2011


Bass Camp, Burning Man -

Black Rock City, NV                                                  Installation, Bodypainting       September, 2011


Element 11 - SLC, UT                                                 Installation Art             July, 2011


Electric Circus - SLC, UT                                            Installation Art             June, 2011


Body Works, CDAGallery - SLC, UT                         Live Bodypainting                  June, 2011


Incendia Vita et Beltane - SLC, UT                             Installation, Bodypainting       April, 2011


The Spirit Molecule, Film screening

Afterparty - SLC, UT                                                   Installation, Bodypainting       April, 2011


Christmas for Honduras, Charity Auction

Hive Gallery - SLC, UT                                               Art Exhibition                         December, 2010


Feeling Surreal, CDAGallery - SLC, UT                     Art Exhibition                         June, 2009


Thinking Surreal, CDAGallery - SLC, UT                  Art Exhibition                         April, 2008


Essence of Body, CDAGallery - SLC, UT                  Art Exhibition                         January, 2008


Best of 2007, CDAGallery - SLC, UT             Art Exhibition                         December, 2007


10 Artists 10 Styles, CDAGallery - SLC, UT              Art Exhibition                         September, 2007


Terra Nova Gallery - Provo, UT                                   Art Exhibition                         August, 2007


American Fork Arts & Crafts Festival - UT                 Booth Exhibit                          July, 2007