Peter Nielsen Art

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Peter Nielsen has been painting since he was 14 years old. He has shown his work in several places around the country. In 2006 he received an Associate's Degree in illustration and design from Utah Valley University. Later, Peter went back to school for his Bachelors in Psychology, his emphasis in visual cognition gave him the understanding to develop his light activated RGB technique. Since 2007 his gallery work in Salt Lake has been popular, but it is his light activated RGB work that has really become known since 2009. Most recently, Peter has shown his work at several events and festivals including: Desert Rocks, UT; Burning Man, NV; Concientia, UT; Fetish & Fantasy Ball, NV; M.A.P.S., CA; Champs, NV; Electric Forest, MI.


          As a young boy I was very intrigued by science and was influenced by my father, a microbiology professor, to analyze and learn about the physical world around me.  As I got older I began to include my own creative ideas into my understanding of this world and make functional devices and machines. Much of the time I enjoyed creating illusions or magic tricks, a way of manipulating the perception of reality using my understanding of it through science.  Towards the end of high school I became heavily interested in painting and art.  I have now been studying art/painting for years and have an AS in Design & Illustration from Utah Valley University.   I have also pursued a bachelor's degree in Psychology (emphasis in Visual Cognition) from the University of Utah.

          In 2008 I engaged in a series of guided/meditative visions, and at the end of the summer I received a download that literally set my course for my future art and scientific studies.  In one particular experience I was placed into a world with colorful visions, mental imagery and downloads that must have activated much, if not all, of my brain.  As I came out of the meditation I had a burst of insight.  Several separate ideas and accumulated scientific knowledge that I had stored in my brain merged to form one encompassing idea.  I was envisioning the technique for an artistic style that could illustrate the moving psychedelic visions that were in my head.

          After having this experience (and already having my degree in Design & Illustration) I decided to go back to school to study what I felt necessary to further understand and develop this new artistic/visual technique.  I decided to study psychology, specifically visual cognition.  I studied at the University of Utah and under professor Sarah Creem-Regehr, I aided in research studying the perception of graphics and virtual reality.  Here I learned, from a more scientific approach, the rules of design, color theory, perspective, and visual organization.  This study and research helped greatly for my understanding of the rules necessary to create my RGB "Synesthesia" artwork.

          The motivation for my artwork comes from these meditative visions.  And, ironically, the paintings produced in turn send the viewer into a similar meditative state.  If you look into one of my moving mandalas you can fall into a trance, sending your brain into a meditative state, much like the ones that gave me the motivation.

          Once the painting is finished there is much more work before it is ready.  This artwork is only complete once it is under the special LED/RGB lights that I specifically design to separate the painting into its separate color segments.  The rotation of colors in the light is reflected by the patterns in the painting to produce an illusion of movement or flow.  It is the combination of light with the patterns in the painting that give each piece its own transcendental signature.

          I hope to share my artwork with the world that it might work as an instrument for the evolution of humankind.